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definition and background: from the Latin: Hoardus Retardus: When one hoards much of an item and sequentially makes use of none of it
When Eric, the faker, collected 500 oranje juice cartons and drank a mere 2 cartons, Ari, the ugliest kid ever, said that at the moment he was very Maurice Mednick.
by Jumpin Jax Well September 05, 2004
to assume the false persona of a retard in order to be waited on hand and foot, and to have express permission to drool on yourself whenever one wants, and to make threats to those who might discover the secret in order to maintain this persona at all costs.
as max discovered that big E was a faker, big E whispered into Max's ear that he would destroy Max if he didn't keep his mouth shut.
by Jumpin Jax Well September 08, 2004
to creep up along side someone, preferably outside of a tent, as they are sleeping, to lift up the tent flap and immediately beat the flogging hell out of the subject, aiming directly for the ribs, and then to proceed to run away in laughter and jubilation.
A slight variation of this is when, as the tent flap is lifted quietly, the subject has a towel or shirt placed over the face in order to sustain the covertness of the puncher.
Ariel, Max and their minions go up alongside Zachary's tent, Ariel lifts up the tent flap, gets the good morning punch, and Max finishes the bashing with six solid punches to the ribs as Zach, quite unlike his friend Yoni, groans in pain.
by Jumpin Jax Well September 06, 2004
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