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One of several modern gaming platforms with good quality graphics and gameplay. It is a good choice for gaming fans due to the unique and interesting games released for it. Neither better or worse than the X-Box and PS2 in general, for each system has it's own unique advantages.
I can't decide whether to buy a Game Cube, XBox, or PS2... they all kick ass.
by Jumper5 April 19, 2003
An excelent game for the Nintendo Game Cube platform and an excellent homage to the meny previous games in the series. While the game is different in control and appearance (being set in an immersive 3d world) it fully captures the feel and greatness of the other 2d platform games in the series.
Metroid Prime is easily one of the greatest games to be released on the Game Cube.
by Jumper5 April 19, 2003
Annother example of dumbass AOL chatters blatant and utterly stupid dialect brought on by the fact that it takes them eighty fucking minutes to type Please? thanks!
Fuck anyone who says plsthxk. Up their dirty asses.
by Jumper5 April 19, 2003
Somthing that is extremely gay, anal and sassy.
Wow, that guy is flagellant.
by Jumper5 April 19, 2003
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