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Increased dependence on fast-foods. McWenberg stands for Mcdonalds(Mc),Wendy's(Wen) and Burger King (Berg). Syndrome is Common is single dudes and lazy females!
Hey Murphy, lets go get some rice and prep some food.
Ohhh no Lufas, am cool. Mcwenberg is ma thing. A'ma get mi a happy meal. I like those toys!
#food #meals #fries #mcdonalds #berger king
by Julius-Glass October 29, 2005
Seriosky actully means: "Am lying", and you Know it"
This comes from all the politicians, crooks and others who have used the word "seriously" when they were actually lying, e.g: "Seriously, am Innocent-Robert Blake","Seriously, am innocent-Martha Stuart","seriously, am straight"-Ryan Seacrest
Dude seriously, i got an A on that Chemistry test.
#lies #not true #cheat #come on #false
by Julius-Glass November 03, 2005
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