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A black person that behaves like a niger.
He's Carbon-14.

We went over to the ballpark but most of them people are Carbon-14.

My neighbor used to be a nice guy but now he acts like Carbon-14.
by Julius Washington June 25, 2006
An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network designed to look and function like a conventional web site but which is an IRC network nonetheless that maintains a talk page for each article and email capability for each user which allows unidentified sexual offenders and predators to seek out and coral youngsters without restriction under current law.
I told my daughter to stay away from that IRC hell.

While the dead may go to hell the living can go to IRC hell.

by Julius Washington July 24, 2006
A phrase used to express the good natured willingness of a cowboy to buy the cowgirl a sarsaparilla.
Hey young fillie I sure would like to pop your cork.

I bet that thar one over there would sure like to pop your cork.

Come to think about it I'll have cash in my chips 'fore I can pop your cork.
by Julius Washington July 22, 2006

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