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In Poker, when someone is leading the chip lead for most of the night, then, when the tournament is close to the end, the unfortunate donkey unwittingly plays with so much overconfidence that they go all in with a semi-decent hand and get outdrawn to lose their stash.
Holy Ace of Spades, Karl was victimized by the ole' Smith Collapse again...that's the third poker tournament in a row that he blew his load all over the poker table. What a donkey!
by Julius Goat September 22, 2009
This is very unique and horrifying sound. This particular warcry differs greatly from others in both pitch, tone and base emotion. You might at first think of stories from the battle front about modern warriors searching for Knighthood and epic blood soaked raging battle fields. Others might think of Gorilla chants, football team huddles or English soccer fans roaring at the loss of yet another world cup qualifier.

This my friends is a warcry more tragic than a Shakespearian play and more frightening than a rampaging herd of elephants. The God of Thunder himself would shudder at this mighty roar. It was first recorde a in 1633 by Christoph Sekolvskavich.

When is it appropriate to utter this sound and what causes it to erupt from the throat of a mortal.

1) When a Macendonian born male wakes up and finds a Greek flag impaled on his lawn. Usually

2) When a North American is on vacation, has consumed too many banana mamas and decides to kill the harmless nurse shark swimming peacefully in the man made water lanes in the Cuban compound
3) When a female is blind sided from behind during coitus and accidentally finds her lower blowhole plugged by accident
Karl woke up one morning, headed outside to his car and uttered a viscious Macedonian War Cry when he saw that his entire car was covered in Greek flags.

Karl was in Cuba when he let loose a mother trucker sized Macedonian War Cry just before he impaled the poor nurse chark with the plastic King from oversized pool chess set.

Sally let out a Macedonian War Cry when Karl accidentally penetrated the incorrect "blowhole" during a reverse Doogy Howzer
by Julius Goat September 22, 2009

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