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One fucking awesome man! That pretty much sums it up. I mean, I could go on to say that he is the king of spoken verse and political, poetic, in-your-face rap. He's intense like camping is in tents. He writes personal narratives as well as general and specific social issue songs, but they're always in first person, which gives it that hardcore edge. Runaways, Climb Trees, Inherited Scars, Slow Down Gandhi, and Broken Wings are probably my favorite (but not necessarily his best) songs. And whoever said he was an armchair activist needs to read his biography before talking like an ignorant fucktard.
sage francis says:
"I'm up on a soapbox yelling into megaphones/killing hard rocks using carcasses as stepping stones/I had to promise I'd stop holding my marches the day that Chris Colombus got crucified on golden arches/but my pedestal was too tall to climb off/in fact that's the reason for the high horse/and from up here I see marines in hummers on a conquest/underdogs with wonderbras in a push-up contest/all for the sake of military recruitment/it felt like kent state the way they targeted the students.
by juliotrecoolio November 13, 2007
noun; One who is a tramp, slut, whore and bitch all rolled into one, very much like you roll a joint.
Allie stole my totally cool sparkly pants! She's such a trampslutwhorebitch!
by JulioTreCoolio September 26, 2005

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