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1. Noncery is a term used for pedophillia. It is the process, or act of noncing. Also see nonce.

2. Noncery is also a non-swearing version of wankerism, or twatting. They are words used to describe someone who takes part in being a wanker or a twat. Also see wanker and twat.
That guy is obsessed with utter noncery.
by Julio Von Janitor January 27, 2007
Pretty much what it says on the tin, generally employed to describe someone who shouldn't even exist, for they are just so lazy.

The extent of your laziness is beyond the allowance of existence, you lazy cluster of atoms!
by Julio Von Janitor July 30, 2008
A foreplay game, involving a hand job, and when the man ejaculates, the woman has to try and grab the flying juice.
"Hey baby, before we get goin, do you wanna do some cum snatching?"
by Julio Von Janitor June 02, 2007
A man gets a super-hard erection, and wears a condom and lubes it up, so that its slippery to the touch.

A woman then sits on the cock, and spins around with her knee's tucked into her chest.
I got this bitch into my room last night, and we had a great kebab.

Kebabing is well fun mate, you should try it.
by Julio Von Janitor August 07, 2007
The definitions are as follows:

1. A game involving small plastic coins, where you use pressure to make them fly across the room - like pogs.

2. Pubes.

"You should see her tiddlywinks, they're joke!"
by Julio Von Janitor September 11, 2008
There are two definitions to this phrase.

1. Someone who can go with a good hard shag for a long time, like a camel can go a long time without water.

2. Someone who likes to humg a lot.
Fuck yeah baby! I'm a sex camel, now lets hump!
by Julio Von Janitor August 16, 2007

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