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3 definitions by Julio Sanchez

A retarded child whom acts out vulgar actions with total disregard of other, normal people's feelings. They are often found pushing people yet not being punished for their lude acts.
The mean-tard started shit and I kicked his ass.
by Julio Sanchez August 28, 2005
1. A kid, who know who you are, who likes to kick stuff.
2. A slang term for "kick me" or "kick something while highjumping"
1. "Hey dude the kicker just jumped the fence.
2. "Kicker! I need you to help with my aerobics"
3. "All hail King Kicker!!!" (Haray!!!)
by Julio Sanchez October 25, 2003
A person, generally from the eastern hemisphere, who has been stricken with an extra twenty first chromesome given to them by their unloving mother. This extra inconvenience is refferred to as "Trisomy 21," and often forces the "downsy" to live a life working behind the scenes of carnivals (out of the public eye) and eating everybody's cookie dough.
Though I commited the crime, I blamed my downsy cousin and got him put behind bars where he belongs.
by Julio Sanchez August 28, 2005