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Getting married to hide the fact you're gay
The gov. of Florida is pulling a Charlie Crist to further his career
by Julio Augustine November 12, 2008
ENSMP/bb. An Acronym meaning Elitist Notorious Spunk Monkey Posse with banana bandanas. A loose knit affiliation of news-junkies often found flying in a vulture formation over missives printed on Tampa Bay Online (TBO). Members are from all walks of life and all ages. Club was originally formed due to the disgust with gang activity reporting printed on TBO. Charter members are known to drink beer and eat wings.
The ENSMP/bb, through their wisdom and incessant wry whit, may very well change the world for the better by critiquing stories as seen on TBO
by Julio Augustine August 27, 2009
(noun) A breath freshener necessary to remove the shame of being orally raped by Uncle Sam.
Wow, after watching the HB 2010~Appropriation Bill live on CSPAN for the past 5 hours, I need chew on a handful of "Gov O mints" and roll around in a pile of whores or my wife will know I've been cheating.
by Julio Augustine November 14, 2010

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