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A guy who, during sex, can't contain his load for more than two measly thrusts. This leaves the woman shocked and extremely unsatisfied. Such men should either 1. Be shot 2. Kill themselves or 3. Become a priest. Such pathetic actions can evoke a very Angry Beaver.
My ex-boyfriend was a two-pump-chump, that's why he's my EX boyfriend.

I was so wasted last night that I was a two pump chump and passed the fuck out but now my girlfriend has an Angry Beaver.
by Julie is Queen March 14, 2008
A pussy that is either sexually repressed or completely and utterly unsatisfied before, during, or after sex and becomes angry as shit because it’s owner did not get off OR even come close. When a woman lies motionless facing the wall after sex, her pussy is getting angry and it is slowly becoming overwhelmed with rage. The woman will not talk about her pussy’s dissatisfaction but instead will merely use it, a little at a time, to make the life of the offending penis’s owner unbelievably miserable.

The traits of a woman with an Angry Beaver can manifest themselves in such a way that they can be mistakenly classified as bitchiness or PMS. The easy was to differentiate between a woman with an Angry Beaver and one who is just a “Straight up Cunt,” is to bang her brains out (multiple times if possible). If she is cured of her symptoms, you know that she just had an Angry Beaver.
Dude, once she gets rammed hard a few dozen times it should tame her Angry Beaver.

I hear Bob can't get it up and I bet'cha his wife has one hell of an Angry Beaver!
by Julie is Queen March 14, 2008
A two-pump-chump who looses his load almost immediately when he fucks a girl's tight asshole.

See Also: Two-pump-chump
You're a number two pump chump John. I know this 'cause you reek of asshole and disappointment.

I let him do me in the ass for the first time and it turns out the fucker is a number two-pump-chump!
by Julie is Queen March 14, 2008
A term used to describe a guy who is such a hideously bad fuck, that even if he paid for it, the whore would give him his money back. In extreme cases she would even consider risking bitch slaps from her pimp by actually paying the GUY to stop fucking her. After which, she may even throw him a little extra coin (out of overwhelming pity)so that he can go buy a world of warcraft figurine, comic book, tube socks or a video game.

See also: Two pump chump
That guy over there with the cape, he's so notwhorethy.

Kyle, you are notwhorethy, I can't see you anymore.
by Julie is Queen March 14, 2008

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