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Possessing the qualities of a bimbo i.e. slutty, tries to get tons of guys, usually a cheerleader
When she wore the blue and white cheerleading uniform and held a lacrosse stick to seduce the boy she liked, she was being bimboish.
by Julie M November 18, 2003
Rule of thumb(for girls only) starting the holiday of "Labor Day". You arn't allowed to date/mess around with anyone of the caucasian race until memorial day of the next summer. (can be used for anyone of any racial background)
Also known as "out of season"
kindof like when you see a girl wearing white pants in mid October...you think to yourself.."What the hell is she thinking out in public like that?!?! "

Dude camilla...did you see that girl? She totally broke the "No white after labor day Rule"...I'd never been seen with a guy of that "shade" after Labor Day.
"Tell that guy that you will give him a call when summer starts..its way past his "season."
by Julie M December 01, 2005

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