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Ju Lee is a oriental way of saying or spelling Julie
Ju Lee is such a hott name!
by Julie January 25, 2005
cool awesome noway whoa etc.
was invented in win a date with tad hamilton
cOcoapuffz are soo friggin shigadoo!
by Julie August 19, 2004
To ejaculate.
Mary was sucking my dick and I splooged into her mouth, then she gagged and spat it out onto my stomach, what a bitch!
by Julie November 18, 2003
1) the ability to be blackmailed
2) is easy to "get dirt" on
"Man, that girl's be around so much, she's got to be the most DIRTABLE person I've ever met."
"You're such a nice person. You're entirely un-dirtable."
by Julie October 25, 2003
gorilla-like in appearence
'Your boyfriend looks like a bit of a Gorgish'
by julie February 18, 2003
An insult.
"I'ma kick the shit outta yer bitch-ass self if you don't shut the fuck up!"
by Julie January 18, 2003
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