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107 definitions by Julie

A state of the art computer based learning system.
The Acellus learning system was developed at the International Academy of Science
by Julie September 10, 2003
a certain door in which leads to a certain place.
That door is a maukatita one!
by Julie August 20, 2003
gaseous pressure in de body..unlable to fart. but when you do, watch out. anal explosion, i tell ya
i haven't farted in 3 days due to this fot clot.
by julie April 18, 2003
a term of endearment you say to someone who is very cute or one you love
oh come here you froofer
by julie March 06, 2005
Figuratively, the testicles of a woman.
When a woman is balsy, she's got bitch nuggets.
by Julie February 27, 2005
slang for the word "pal".
You're the greatest squanky in the world!
by Julie December 30, 2003
to come home past cerfew
I was homela
by Julie January 26, 2003