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107 definitions by Julie

Meaning that not only do you have to pee but you have to go really badly.
"Man where's the bathroom? I gotta take a hotpiss"
by Julie December 05, 2004
10 6
A military joke, meaning a hardcore boner.
He had a ranger boner!
by Julie October 22, 2004
12 8
one bad-ass mother-trucker. Weiner. Penis, Testicle, all funny words.
Broc likes Taco Bell
by Julie November 06, 2003
8 4
It's contradiction in a same sentence or a word.
Honest lawyer.
Nice ex wife/husband.
Cheap vacation.
Cheap gilfriend/boyfriend
by Julie March 24, 2005
18 16
Similar to the word, talkative. Has alot to say.
I couldnt have a conversation with simon. He was not very chatative.
by Julie December 01, 2004
4 2
a word with the same meaning as aww. woowee is the manly way to say aww so Eddie doesnt have to sound gay.
Julie: "I love you Eddie"
Eddie: "WooWee"
by Julie June 29, 2004
10 8
An alternative to the common phrase "goddamn;" a convenient way to avoid breaking a commandment.
"Juldamn!" shouted Liz, when CBA rejected her transfer request; she then took a peaceful nap, knowing that she would not spend an eternity burning in the fires of Hell.
by julie December 25, 2003
3 1