107 definitions by Julie

girl that will give it up to any guy or girl like a dog in heat
"Dude yo sister is a ho dog"
by Julie April 27, 2003
something that is deliciously kinky.
Oo, strawberries and whip cream. that's so kinkalicious.
by jULiE March 13, 2005
to fight;beat up;get whooped
julie:me and dis hoe bout to throw it down afta school,you comin through?
friend: fo sho iam comin that hoes bout to get whooped!!
by julie October 08, 2004
common term used by the arican amercan race when they want to get by the unsuspecting fair skinned people in the hall ways.
get out my way cracka! scuse me oh my god!
by julie April 19, 2005
The act of being on purpose, or indicating that something is the opposite of accidental.....okay Mike??
My absence wasn't purposeful
by Julie August 30, 2004
To be gay and retarted, simultaneously.
Paul told Katie she was gaytarted, and she savagely ripped off his testicles.
by julie December 25, 2003
A military joke, meaning a hardcore boner.
He had a ranger boner!
by Julie October 22, 2004

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