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107 definitions by Julie

shazam + amazing, used as a descrptive word instead of awesome, amazing, great, good, or anything overused. Can also be changed into sha-fucking-mazing if it was really good.
Chicken enchiladas are absolutely shamazing!
by Julie January 16, 2004
It's a contradiction in the same sentence or word.
Honest lawyer.
Cheap vacation.
Nice ex wife/husband.
Intelligent blond.
by Julie March 24, 2005
sux 2 b u-sucks to be you! or when something sucky happens to you
when emily told me she farted in chem class all i could say was 'sux 2 b u'
by julie January 14, 2003
gay guy + straight guy = cool music
Junior Senior has such cool music!
by Julie September 01, 2003
it's more than bunk...it's badunkabunk. see badunkadunk and bunk
Awww man, I failed that midterm today...that's bunk! Oh wait, I forgot about my other midterm. I have failed both midterms! That's not just bunk...that's BADUNKABUNK!!!
by Julie October 08, 2003
pre-grunge indie 80s band.
odd chords.
where is my mind is fight club closer song.
kim deal and frank black noteable members.
Nirvana owes the pixies everything
by julie November 07, 2003
as in "give me some"
as in movie "Clueless"...when character sees a cute waiter and says '"break me off a piece" of that.' She wants some of the waiter.
by julie October 05, 2003