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26 year old, Japanese/American Emcee from Agourna, California.
Married to long term girlfriend, Anna.
6ft, black hair, dark brown eyes.
sexy beast
by Julie December 10, 2003
someone obsessed with pinching the nipples of others. nipple pinching
Julie is a nipaphiliac
by Julie August 26, 2004
shazam + amazing, used as a descrptive word instead of awesome, amazing, great, good, or anything overused. Can also be changed into sha-fucking-mazing if it was really good.
Chicken enchiladas are absolutely shamazing!
by Julie January 16, 2004
a combination of smut and sleezy
yo that girl is such a smeezy
by julie January 08, 2003
It's a contradiction in the same sentence or word.
Honest lawyer.
Cheap vacation.
Nice ex wife/husband.
Intelligent blond.
by Julie March 24, 2005
it's so fantastic you wanna bang it
damn that guy is so bangtastic.
by jULiE March 13, 2005
When someone throws a used, drenched tampon at someone. This tampon thus becomes what is known as a "fetus bomb."

Fetus bombing is the act of throwing a fetus bomb.
Jenny threw a fetus bomb at my head, and now I can't get that disgusting scent out of my hair.
by Julie April 17, 2004
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