107 definitions by Julie

A person originating from Liverpool
That scouser has stolen my hubcaps!
by Julie April 01, 2004
What I often call my boyfriend Mark
Mark, you are a fuc*ing fick
by Julie December 01, 2004
sgag means really cool and sophisticated!
katie you are well sgag!
by Julie April 21, 2005
someone intelligent, witty, humorous, and fun to be around
He's such a swesty.
Did you see that person?. he's so swesty.
by Julie February 25, 2005
The nick name I taught my 2 yr old daughter to call her vagina.....sounds better at that age than vagina.
"mama, I pee pee with my hoo haa?"
by julie January 18, 2004
To have an abortion
She got pregnant but dacided to get hovered.
by Julie February 28, 2004
Having to urinate very badly, so badly infact that it almost burns.
Man I gotta take a hot piss!
by Julie January 04, 2005

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