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milkmen go way back to when milk was delivered to peoples doorsteps. Milkmen are very dedicated to delivering milk, which explains why milk was always delivered to doorstep in under five minutes!!!
Dan: my mom works for Cleanlyness Milk Company.. and when i grow up im going to be a milk person and work for Cleanlyness Milk Company too!

Sarah:wow! neat i wanna be a milkman with you!
by julie February 27, 2005
The term used when one would like to announce to those around them that they are leaving to smoke a joint, particularly when in the presence of authority figures.
(In front of the proctor) Hey guys, anyone up for a nature walk?
by Julie February 17, 2005
doing somthing sexual to a guy that ends with stuff that looks like mayo that u put on a sandwich.
girl#1: what did you guys do last night?
girl#2: oh u know made a little sandwich.
by Julie May 20, 2004
Hot as chick in a Mustang GT
GT4HeR has a hot ass car
by Julie September 17, 2004
can be used to descride anything.
i am efactuated with him, or, i am too efactuated to do this,or,wow you are so efactuated, ect.
by Julie July 23, 2004
A person who is easily manipulated. A push-over.
My father is such a ham, he gives me money whenever I use my baby voice.
by julie September 01, 2003
Plural for Sheep. Used in the same context as 1 die, 2 dice; 1 Sheep, 2 Shice.
look at that heard of shice.
by Julie June 19, 2006

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