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down syndrome
look at the d.s. waving at us!
by julie January 08, 2003
When something happens and you just have no idea what to say, this word is exclamed. "whatever"
"Don't you think platipi have the most beautiful feet?"... "Flibijibibu!"
by Julie February 22, 2005
An insult.
"I'ma kick the shit outta yer bitch-ass self if you don't shut the fuck up!"
by Julie January 18, 2003
The bright smile a girl makes after she says, "Yes, it was good for me!", and then goes to find her vibrator.
She gave him The Tal on her way out the door.
by Julie March 02, 2005
the manly way to say "aww" so that way Eddie can say aww without sounding gay.
Julie: "Ilove you Eddie"
Eddie: "WooWee"
by Julie June 29, 2004
damn when is that shibo coming??? ive been waiting for it to come... hmm ...
*shibo arives*
by Julie February 22, 2003
To easily squish
The pillow is yermable
by Julie January 26, 2003

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