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107 definitions by Julie

or otherwords hoie, a girl whose a freakin freshman, who likes to get with guys named mike, who likes to play ddr.
MAn ThaT BoY LefT A biG ChOAd oN NoIE. lol
by julie June 10, 2004
To ejaculate.
Mary was sucking my dick and I splooged into her mouth, then she gagged and spat it out onto my stomach, what a bitch!
by Julie November 18, 2003
1) the ability to be blackmailed
2) is easy to "get dirt" on
"Man, that girl's be around so much, she's got to be the most DIRTABLE person I've ever met."
"You're such a nice person. You're entirely un-dirtable."
by Julie October 25, 2003
Indie label; originated in the early 80s for post punk bands such as Gang of Four, Delta 5.
Now home to the strokes, moldy peaches, libertines, hidden cameras etc.
Rough Trade is rocking a rocking yoo!
by julie October 06, 2003
take down one's pants. Defined in the Preppy Handbook.
I dropped trow on the dance floor just to see what would happen
by julie October 05, 2003
i dont care
Amber: Do you like this t.v. show?
Julie: Meh.......
by Julie October 28, 2003
down syndrome
look at the d.s. waving at us!
by julie January 08, 2003