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A person that you love in every way other than romantically. A person you would marry, but not have sex with. (aka. someone you wanna bone without boning!)
ex: Matt Peck and Chris Guerrieri

Describes a same sex platonic love relationship.
Dude 1: Hey! Look at those two dudes over there!
Dude 2: What? Those dudes over there?
Dude 1: Yeah man. They're totally homo-strait!

Matt Peck: Chris, man. You know you're my favorite homo-straight, right?
Chris G: Hell yeah!! Dude you know you're mine too!

Fun Facts:
The word homo-straight is etymologically inspired by Homostrates the first known man to be declared someone's homo-straight!
by Julie Buckner April 23, 2008
an affectionate term used to refer to close friends and people you are very comfortable with. Usually in circumstances where the person using the term is trying to express affection either purely and with puppy-like playful affection or with an ulterior motive to try to get the person they're talking to to do something for them.
Person 1: Poopstix, could you possibly pass me that bowl?
Person 2: Well of course! But only because you asked so nicely!
by Julie Buckner April 23, 2008
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