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Quite possibly the greatest website ever invented.
Fucking use google before you do something stupid.
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard November 29, 2007
A sandal-type shoe that is often worn in Summer, especially in Australia. It is incredibly annoying to get it confused that piece of women's underwear. IT'S A G-STRING FUCKWITS!
American male: "ohhh dude, that chick's wearin thong."
Aussie male: "And? I wear thongs."
American male: "O rly? when?"
Aussie male: "When I'm feeling hot."
American male: "O_o.
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard November 29, 2007
The moron who created Apple Computers, the computers for retards who don't understand how to use a goddamn PC, because they're so stupid that they think Macs are better because they look all pretty but in reality do jack shit. He is also responsible for Macs lack of a right click on the mouse, seriously WTF is up with that?
I wish to destroy Steve Jobs.
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
One of the most epic movie series ever created. The brainchild of George Lucas this series consists of two trilogies 4, 5 and 6 (the original) and 1, 2 and 3 (the new one).

Only four characters remain throughout all 6 episodes, R2D2, C3PO, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious/The Emperor. The most well known characters in this series would be: Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3PO, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars is also renowned for its creation of the Lightsaber, one of the best weapons ever created, it can be used to deflect blaster bolts, cut things, kill people, seal doors and pwn everything in sight.
I said my religion on the census was Jedi, does that show you how much I love Star Wars?
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
A real-life head crab. These things are huge they jump at your face, scream and then eat you.
Oh God a fucking CAMEL SPIDER!
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
A rampscalator is an escalator, but instead of moving stairs, it's a moving ramp.
Rampscalators pwn escalators arses.
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard January 07, 2008
To totally kick someone's arse, especially when using Matrix-like skills.
As a past verb: "Holy shit, did you see that guy go Keanu on his ass!?"
Present tense: "Fuck, he's going Keanu on that guy's ass!
Future tense: "I'm so going to go Keanu on his ass when I see him next."
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard November 29, 2007

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