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When you are having so much fun it is out of control.

A brooding thunderstorm of fun.
The party was a funderstorm.
We had a few drinks and before we knew it, a funderstorm was brewing.
by Julian Conaghan October 22, 2010
Multiple metaphores combined to form one image.

Use when a synecdochic metaphor fails to articulate the magnitude.
For example:

She swims in a sea of diamonds drowning in happiness.

The metaphors of swimming in a sea of diamonds and also that of drowning in a sea of happiness are combined to produce a multiphor.
by Julian Conaghan October 17, 2011
Multiple metaphores combined together
He fights dancing a samba choreographed by a devil with eye of the tiger

Better than synecdochic metaphors.

Multiphore antonyms: Dying Metaphore, Cliché
by Julian Conaghan October 06, 2011

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