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One of the best writers of all time, he writes fiction and fantasy. He died in july of 2006
Dude im so stoked for David Gemmell's new book to come out
by Julia dace May 07, 2009
Used to used for slang but now 75% of the content is sexual 20% is about celebs and 5% is slang
Urban dictionary used to be a lil betetr before 12 year old girls came on
by Julia dace May 07, 2009
A movement meant to create equal rights for women when it suits their purposes, otherwise they are just annoying and hypocritical.
*boy smack another boy* Feminist: haha thats so funny

*boy smacks a girl* Feminist: Don't hit girls!!!
Boy: Equal rights for men and women, they should be treated the same.
Feminist: But you shouldnt hit girls

Feminism fails
by Julia Dace August 12, 2010

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