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5 definitions by Julia Sooch

to be totally rockin' it, to have a lot of fun
Andrea was jazzlyn at that freaking awesome party.
by Julia Sooch April 18, 2011
a mood where you are surprised, excited, happy, or a mood of that sort
When Nancy asked him out, he was in a loud mood.
by Julia Sooch April 19, 2011
the folder with a big name that you have to make in your email; "The Stuff I Wanna Keep But Don't Want In My Inbox"
I don't want this cluttering up in my Inbox, but I wanna keep it. I'll just move it to TSIWKBDWIMI.
by Julia Sooch April 18, 2011
ZO-M-G barbecue sauce; an exclamation when you're in a loud mood (search loud mood)
Zomgbbqsauce! She just asked me out!
by Julia Sooch April 19, 2011
1. a good friend that's also your secret crush

2. that person you asked out that "just wanted to be friends", but you still have a crush on

3. a friend that kinda likes you and you kinda like him/her back

4. a stage where you kinda want to be friends, but at the same time, you want to be a couple
1. oh gawd i really like ethan... but he's been my friend since third grade!! ahh, a new friend-crush!

2. i wish lisa wouldn't have rejected me. she's my friend-crush.

3. those two always smile and giggle with each other. they're both such friend-crushes.

4. ugh, i think i want to be friends with kendra. but i don't know, i kind of want to be more than friends! MYEHH FRIEND-CRUSH STAGE
by Julia Sooch November 04, 2011