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The act of making frivolous and/or highly inaccurate statements or lawsuits against a popular figure whereupon the internet followers and fans of such quickly jump to support said figure and expeditiously raise monitary funding for either the person's legal defense or an alternate charitable organization. Basically, you screwed yourself.
You're suing a guy whose stuff you stole and posted on your website? Dude, you're oatmealed...
by Julesong June 11, 2012
Something that everyone seems to want but nobody agrees on how to do.
The term monorailing is based on the struggle to establish a Washington State monorail, which had a very, very, very long history of the same. Many years of agreement that it needed to happen, but many, many, many years of discussion before it could happen.
by Julesong November 04, 2009
Something that everyone seems to want, nobody agrees on how to do, and after many, many fruitless efforts simply cannot get done.
Damnit, I keep trying to get a water dispenser for the meeting areas at work... it must have been monorailed at the President's office, huh?
by Julesong November 04, 2009

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