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Born on October 12th. Anthony is a guy with long hair, green eyes, who is a asshole. His favorite things to do is party and have sex. He loves to cheat or atleast he cheats on most girls while using them for sex. He has a huge dick but still is a major asshole. He is a great loyal friend. He can be sensative if he really likes you. He is smart, witty, and sometimes a dumbass. His favorite color is purple.
Me: Anthony why did you have to cheat on me? Anthony: I don't know. Me: Fuck you! Anthony: I think you already did, which it wasn't that great.

Girl: Hey didn't you date Anthony Wieland? Me: Yeah why? Girl: Well he asked me out and I thought I would come to you and ask if he is a good boyfriend. Me: Hell no! You need to stay away from him! Girl: Why? Me: He loves to cheat. Girl: Oh okay thanks for the heads up.
by Jules54 October 27, 2011

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