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Preps aren't what everyone seems to think on this site, they arent the popular whores at every hs who wear reaveling outfits and shop at AF, hollister and those stores, being preppy(the adjective form) isnt about where you buy you clothes and what you wear, its about how you act and your overall lifestyle

they wear Basic Polos usually bright or classic colors, slacks(khakis, plaids, seersuckers), occaisionally jeans, in the summer cargo shorts and shorts similar to the pants they wear, ribbon belts, for shoes we wear birkenstocks, topsiders, penny loafers, and occaisionally classic type sneakers (ie old tennis shoe type sneakers) ou clothes are usually bought from J. Crew, Vinyard Vines, Lacoste, B.Bros, and if we must shop in any of the mall "trendy party prep" type stores we shop at AE which is the most classic and preppy of those (AF, HCO, Aero)

A prep is always courteuos, kind and respectful, they are the kind of people that grandparents and parents look at and say" hes a fine young man"

a preppy lifestle consists of living in a nice community and contrary to popular belief we dont always live in huge houses and you'll never find us living in homes labled as mcmansions, our homes always have archetectural value and are always tastefully and classicly decorated, in our garge you will typically find a car such and a volvo, vw, audi, bmw and occasionnaly another european made car, we participate un lifelong sports such as crew, golf, tennis, sailing, swimming, and sometimes lacrosse
and most importantly WE GO TO PREP SCHOOLS, day or boarding

What most people have to come to realize is that prep is a lifestyle enjoyed by a fortunate few of us it isnt a clothing style, it includes how we live, how we act and what we do
Older Prep 1: Look at that young man holding the door for that woman.
Older Prep 2: A fine young lad indeed, I wish my daughter would find a man like that
by Jules Fern April 27, 2006

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