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Kick ass batman villian that uses a super steroid called "Venom" to destroy anything with brute strength.

In the comic, Bane's shining moment was when he shattered Batman's back, paralyzing him from the waist down. This called for Azarel to become the new Batman until Bruce Wayne was fully able to return as the Dark Knight. Unfortunately, the producers of Batman and Robin decided to make Bane into a incoherant retard with muscle, thus people who had never heard of Bane before got the impression he was a ripoff of Frankenstein.
Bane sucked in Batman and Robin
by Juicy Mix November 20, 2004
The hottest female pornstar I've ever seen. Not much is known about her, except that she's latin, you can see most of her only on the internet, she does alot of lesbian scenes, and few male scenes on camera. She also does porno graphic photo shoots more than actual movies. Which means you'll more likely to see galleries instead of movies.
OMG! Have you seen Adriana Sage's new video? She's getting screwed by a dyke with a mask and a strap on! w00t!
by Juicy Mix October 10, 2004
Slang term for Gonorrhea, more specificially catching it in Japan, presumably from a Japanese prostitute.
Howard -Hey Ron, how'd your trip to Japan go?
Ron -Terrible, I caught a real bad case of the tokyo drift.
Howard -That sucks man. So...it's safe to say it developed fast and it's pretty furious eh?
Ron- Shut the fuck up, Howard.
by Juicy Mix March 20, 2008
Short for "Ocelot's Sex Kitten". A man with a fetish for Revolver Ocelot. OSK is extremely demented, but a polite individual at the same time. Rumors have been spreading that he is in face Big Boss Inc., but that has yet to be proven.
OMG I can't believe OSK wants to give that old dude a blowjob!
by Juicy Mix March 25, 2005
Hottest pornstar since Andriana Sage. Unfortunately, she's completely new to the business so chances are, you won't find her by typing her name on google.

Only thing known about her is that she's 18, Latina,she's soley exclusive to a website. And she's rumored to have a twin sister in the same field of profession
I can't take life anymore cause so many people can have a piece of that, and I can't! *kills self*

Such a shame that girls like have to go into the porn industry, may god have mercy on her beautiful looks.
by Juicy Mix November 20, 2004
Shittiest batman cartoon ever. Basically a clone of Jack Chan adventures, this incarnate of batman has a younge Bruce Wayne fight a Jamaican Joker, a Bane that looks like a oversized used tampon, and a Mr. Freeze that has a used condom on his head. Nice going WB
Batman the animated series>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Batman
by Juicy Mix February 24, 2005

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