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X-clan - X stands for Xsjado pronounced "Shadow".The X-clan is an extremely deadly gang.The X-clan colors are black and orange.The rankings are (from the lowest to highest), Grunt,Gate Keeper/ Fu Dog ,Messenger,Ninjas,Saints and Sinners,Executioners, and the Reaper.The Reaper of the X-clan is Juice whom went to Jail for menacing and assault in November 2006.Some other members of this gang are...Bo Flex,Jonathan aka Gabriel,Ryan,D$,Danny,Matt aka Gin,and more.X-clan reps in Staten Island New York.They are known for their blaitent disregaurd for life,their hostile attitudes,deadly fighting styles,and wide ranged infantry.Their graffiti can be found at numerous places on the Island including the X-clan Empire,ATL train station,and Bay terrace Train station.If ever in New York...avoid Contact with the X-Clan at all costs.
Members of the X-clan wear Black and Orange flags.
by Juice Xavier May 14, 2007

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