2 definitions by Juice McAllister

Synonymous with ‘sick’
- insane
- ridiculous
- cool as hell
Often used in exclamatory situations; the exclaimer, with this pronunciation, would appear to have a heavy lisp and would emphasize the latter half of the word: replacing the ‘ck’ with a ‘ga’ sound.

The speaker might be trying to say ‘thick’, as well. It’s hard to tell in these situations, but that is why, after all, people with speech impediments are often looked down upon in today’s society.
Geesz, those acrobatic stunths were abtholutely thig!

My goodnesth, its so thig!
by Juice McAllister March 01, 2007
synonymous with a white lie, a small fib, or even an innocent falsity. Intended for use in much of the same context as 'psych!'

Is not intended on a cap for more serious issues; presumably death, murder, theft, and other consequence-ridden topics like that should not be ended with this phrase.
I hate getting all juiced up; capri.

I didn't end your Dad's life because he's an animal; capri.
by Juice McAllister March 22, 2007

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