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My sousin
Xristos=Shistos sat xwrkatika
by Juice August 09, 2003
Replacement for "thanks"
OMFG Banana (8:40:15 PM): how was your kthxgiving

kthxdieirl (1:19:50 AM): ROOFLE

u bAr J eeT is now directly connected (11:34:58 PM).
u bAr J eeT (11:35:03 PM): ::hopes for lesbian pr0n::
Jon Likes Juice (11:35:19 PM): server2.exe
u bAr J eeT (11:36:00 PM): no trojan for me kthx
by Juice December 06, 2003
what you do to someone who is being dumb
Shut the hell up before I pimpslap you
by Juice April 26, 2003
a term used to describe "getting some"
syn. pussy
Aww yeah dawg i got me some beefcake!
by JUice March 18, 2003
The same thing as any other racial or anti-semetic insult. Yeah it's demeaning, it's stupid to say it isnt. You can't call someone a nigger baby or any other type of racial insult without insulting the person whom the word is associated with.
Every person who sends a definition to this site should have an IQ test first...
by Juice April 11, 2005
The bestest blogger in the whole world!
Wonkette is awesome!
by Juice September 24, 2004

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