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Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation puss-e-shuh-ner-ee
–noun, plural -ar·ies.

A book created by John C Davis A.K.A. (JuggaloCujo, Cujo) containing a selection of the words he and his friends have created to be used in the english language, arranged alphabetically, giving information about their meanings, pronunciations, etymologies, inflected forms, etc., expressed in the english language.
Person 1: Excuse me, what is a mangina?

Person 2: I don't know, you should look it up in the Pussytionary.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007
The ability to masturbate using the right or left hand equally well.
I broke my right hand, but there is nothing to worry about because I'm Ambidicktrous.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007
The art of chuckling while in the midst of saying the word "fuck."

I just fuckled.
by JuggaloCujo December 12, 2013
The smell emitted from a person who has been smoking a tobacco product.
That guy has Niccosmell.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007
The smell emitted from the mouth of a person who has been consuming achohol.
That guy has some serious alchofunk.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007
A Juggalo Chuggalo is a beer chugging device created by JuggaloCujo many years ago designed to get a large group of people intoxicated in a very short amount of time.

Made from a 3 Liter bottle of Faygo, it is emptied and rinsed out, left to dry and than slowly filled with 8 bottles of your beer of choice. (Preferably Yuengling) After each beer is slowly poured into the bottle and the foam has settled a mark is made on the exterior of the bottle with a permanent or "Sharpie" marker. After the bottle is full numbers will be written between the lines designating the number of bottles of beer are at each line.

The bottle is than passed around your crowd of friends and chugged in succession until emptied and than re-filled and chugged until everyone has had there fill of beer.

Chugging is made extremely easy with this device due to 2 facts:

1. The bottle is made from plastic making it easy to squeeze and force the liquid down the throat faster than a normal beer bottle or can.

2. The mouth of the bottle is twice the size of a normal bottle making the liquid flow out of the bottle and into your mouth faster.

An experienced chugger will be able to fully down an entire beer in a matter of seconds.

After the bottle has been emptied for the final time, and everyone around you reeks of "alchofunk." The crowd takes turns decorating the bottle with various designs.

A Juggalo Chuggalo should only be brought into the party on very special occasions and only used responsibly.
Hey man, We want to get completely trashed tonight, you should bust out the Juggalo-Chuggalo.

Alright man, but I'm not buying the beer.
by JuggaloCujo April 28, 2009
When a man tucks his penis and scrotal sack between his legs to form to appearence of a vagina.
Person 1: Hey honey look what I can do.

Person 2: Wow, you have a Mangina.
by JuggaloCujo August 01, 2007

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