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The most idiotic, dumb, retarted store ever. Basically, I know because my sister shops there...even though she's 16. Sad, isn't it?
My sister is an idiot because she shops at Limited Too.
by Judythereaper August 06, 2006
A word all you optimists use loosly. It's not falling down and scraping your knee. It's not getting pushed or shoved. Here's what pain is:
*Cutting yourself and seeing the blood run all over your arm
*Stuffing yourself with food and drinkining half a quart of orange juice at 1:00 a.m and then watching it all come back up again.
*Hearing your sister scream and watching your dad get the blame
*Laying in your room and screaming even though you know that no one cares.
That is pain. In other words, hurting is for that "pain" you optimists feel. Pain is for the pain that hurts no matter where or who you are.Pain can be physical or emotional. Or both.
You dumb optimists think that pain is mild.
by Judythereaper August 06, 2006
Anyone who thinks unborn babies are alive. That's where this little propaganda starts. Silly, right? Well, these people think unborn babies are alive and that abortion is evil and wrong. ADOPTION IS THE ONLY OPTION! Says them. Don't listen to any retarted propaganda stories that everyone writes. Like, I am a little baby and I wanna grow up and meet mommy and oh no! mommy killed me. That's the blunt, shortened version without all the filler they add. They want you to blow up hospitals. I don't get that. If you blow up a hospital, aren't *you* killing? Abortion is murder? No, blowing up is murder. And anyway, what if they were raped! They could raise an adoption place, if they wanted. I know some flaws with that, but I'm trying to define rather than rant (though I'm sure I haven't succeded! Sorry guys!) so I won't list them.
My friend is Pro Life and she wants to protect unborn fetuses and blow up hospitals!
by Judythereaper August 06, 2006

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