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a person, usually a California resident, who exhibits extreme feelings of desire and admiration for LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant
These damn kobesexuals are starting to annoy me.
by Jude August 13, 2004
Someone of an intelect way too high for their own good, raising him above his peers. especially a nalboner's intellect
Don't go all rementer on us
by Jude January 19, 2005
When one party involved in sexual intercourse with another party penetrates a chipmunk's rectum with his phallus and proceeds to use said chipmunk as a prophylactic device for use in... fucking.
Dude, She's nasty. 'munkfuck or you'll get AIDS fo' sho.
by Jude October 23, 2006
Someone who has fucked up immensely bad in a game. Quite like noob/n00b except for experienced jackwads that have slipped up.
you are so not teh h4x, you duplit.
by Jude December 11, 2004
zaint is a rapper from the south, and he is affiliated with the lost soulz, an underground rappers who bust rhymes and could flow like hell...
ey zaint.. throw some rhymes for me!! ayt?
by jude December 05, 2004
One who sends gay porn to unsuspecting friends via AIM.
Nalboner] is such a gaybear
by Jude January 25, 2006
Aggression or needless bumptiousness displayed by a man below average height when it is perceived to be an attempt to compensate for his small size.
A shorter guy is constantly jostled in a crowd by an unthinking taller guy who sees over his head. Eventually, the shorter guy reacts aggressively by verbally abusing the taller guy. The taller guy is superciliously amused because the amount of aggression shown by the shorter guy is disproportionate to his presumed physical ability to carry through his threats. "Oh - it's short man syndrome".
by Jude April 28, 2004

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