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1 definition by Jucily

Keeblers are trashy looking festy girls or boys, often wearing furry leg warmers, and elfin like clothing found for sale at festivals like Earthdance. Keeblers are often fucked up on Molly, Acid, or Mushrooms on a daily basis. Activities Keeblers enjoy are womp womp music, orgies, spinning fire, hooping and sweaty cuddle puddles. You often find them at Raves and Dubstep shows around town.
Julie: "Did you see that keebler out there on the dance floor?"

Kayce: "Yeah... she is totally keebin' in those fur boots and fuzzy bear hat, totally high on Molly."

Julie: "Look at all her keebler friends over there."

Kayce: "Imagine the sweaty cuddle puddle they'll end up in after this show."

Julie: "Gross."
by Jucily June 19, 2011
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