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a term describing (but not limited to) the amount of shits that a single pizza delivery driver can possibly be on.
"Fifty Shits, never failing to be on the 50 shits"
"If anyone is on some shit it's you, I'm not on any shits"
"you must be on 50 shits"
by juaqeen November 30, 2011
The ultimate insult given to a person who cannot get any dank and proceeds to purchase a small quantity of mids specifically for the purpose of rolling and smoking. Use of such an insult should not be taken lightly, unless the person does indeed smoke mids blunts all day everyday.
Luke: I had sex with your mother last night
Brent: Smoke a mids blunt

"I wish i had a fat mids blunt to smoke until i die from smoking too many mids blunts"
by Juaqeen November 30, 2011

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