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The U.s.

Meaning Vagina, Pussy,Punk
You are such a Kuter.

Lick my Kuter.

My Kuter is the best.
by Juanita July 17, 2004
a spanish ANIMAL that is know for feed on poo. this is the most discusting creature known to man. this freakshow has yellow stains on its briefs.
look at those brown crusties on toso's face
by juanita February 02, 2005
A cock, dick or penis.
That guy has a big pintu.
by Juanita January 29, 2005
A term used for excitement in women.Used to symbolize the sexual excitement, but not neccisarily used in a sexual sense
"That guy really got my shenads pumped" or
"Does this get your shenads pumped?"
by Juanita January 05, 2004

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