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3 definitions by JuanDiazBF

The act of being outchea; Taking care of your business; doing big things

The behavior of some one who is always out taking action in the field, grinding towards a goal is a prime example of outcheaness
My outcheaness is the reason I got shit poppin'.
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010
(originated in Chicago)
A large pimple on someones face thats easily noticed that looks like its ready to blow (referenced to a heat seeking missile)
Buddy ass had a fat ass heat seeker on his nose...that muh fucka was pointed right at me ready to launch
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010
(originated in Chicago)
booty on a female that "pokes out" of her pants
damn fo' you see lil mama!?...That bitch had a muh fuckin POKER!
by JuanDiazBF May 12, 2010