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Similar to a booty call, but in a booty beg one person practically (or literally) begs the other for sex. Can include the offer of non-sex rewards.
Man #1: "Did Maria booty call you last night?"

Man #2: "No, dude, she booty begged me. She even offered me a ride and cookies!"
by JuanCha1228 September 10, 2011
Also known as "To Houdini"

1. Act of disappearing when a girl cant decide what she wants with you.

2. Act of disappearing when a activity or event is boring.

Man #1: "Dude, has Desiree made up her mind about you two?"

Man #2: "No, man. I'm giving her a week before Houdini-ing".

Person #1: "This party is terrible. Do you even know anyone here?"

Person #2: "I have no clue who these people are. Ten more minutes and we are Houdini-ing out of here!"
by JuanCha1228 September 10, 2011
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