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A Nuyorican word meaning trash can. The evolution of the original English term "safety can"
I tossed my trash in the zafacon
by Juan787 January 30, 2008
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico is divided in half by Calle Fortaleza. The portion on the south side is called SoFo. The term was invented by Gringo transplants who can't survive without meaningless acronyms in their lives and who, after living on the island for 20 years, haven't learned to speak Spanish.
Honey, I thought we would go to the restaurant that just opened in SoFo.
by Juan787 February 15, 2008
"chee-na" The word in Puerto Rico for an orange (fruit). The same word is also used for the country. The Spanish word for orange "naranja" is used only for the color orange. Thus, "jugo de china" means orange juice.
"Un dia sin jugo de china es como un dia sin el sol" (a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine)
by Juan787 February 16, 2008

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