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Verb. The act of placing a can of beer to the mouth, up-ending it, puncturing the side which now faces up, and squeezing the contents into the mouth to ensure a sub-4second finish, which consequently ensures a medium-to-high probability of inebriation occuring in the not-too-distant future.
>The cops are onto us, we gotta get rid of this beer!
>Quick, everyone torpedo them!
#scull #skull #strawpedo #scoll #skoll
by Juan Pablo Hamber February 06, 2006
A word believed to be coined in Auckland, New Zealand, combining the words "average", and "mad". "Average" denotes something of low or debased standard, while "mad" intensifies it.
>"Dude, I just got really drunk and threw up in front of my girlfriend's parents!"
>"That's average, man!"
>"It's not just average, it's maverage!"
#average #mavrage #mavarage #mad average #crap
by Juan Pablo Hamber January 30, 2006
Noun. A code, used largely amongst drunk males, chiefly in the presence of females, or in the presence of people who would deem its meaning inappropriate (e.g: parents, priests, her parents). It originates from the old nursery rhyme: "nic nac paddywhack, give a dog a bone," and refers to the act of using a particularly unattractive person for non-commital sexual relations, with little to no intent of actually forming a long-term relationship.
Altar boy 1(low voice)>"So! You and Sarah huh?"
Altar boy 2(whilst motioning in the direction of the priest, who peers menacingly up from his sermon, and in a lower voice)> "Nic nac paddywhack"
#nicnacpaddywhack #nicknackpaddywhack #nicnackpaddywhack #nicknacpaddywhack #nicnac paddy whack #nicnacpadywak
by Juan Pablo Hamber January 30, 2006
Verb. A verb used to describe the action of removing a tasty beverage, almost exclusively a beer, from a large bucket filled with ice and water. Seasoned cuando-ers know that pain is temporary, and the beer even more so.

The word originates from the Heineken ad, in which the guy breaks through the pain barrier to find his beer in the bucket of water, with Tom Jones singing "tell me cuando cuando cuando" in the background.
>Hey, where's all the beer?
>Over there (pointing to a 44gallon drum of iced water)
>How am I gonna get it out of there??
>You'll have to cuando it.
#quando #kwando #drink #heineken #beer
by Juan Pablo Hamber February 06, 2006
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