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A homosexual who owns a house.
Maurice: " Have you seen Roger around the condo gymnasium lately?"
Chad: " No. That queen bought a house in San Francisco and is now a total homoner."
by Juan Nutt March 01, 2011
Another word used to describe semen.
Craig: Hey Bob, how's your chowder bullets?
Bob: My what???
Craig: Your chowder bullets.
Bob: What are chowder bullets?
Craig: I don't know but they're all over your back.
by Juan Nutt March 15, 2011
Male that deliberately seeks out the ugliest woman at a bar for sex.
Craig-" Damn... Joe sure got drunk tonight. I saw him leave the bar tonight with with a heinous lookin' bitch.
Mark-" What a horse slapper!"
Craig-" Whooooooooaaaaahhh Nelly!!!!!
by Juan Nutt March 02, 2011
Any American born jackass that decides to defect to the Middle East to get his jihad on.
Craig: Hey Johnny. Why is Tone going to Syria?
Johnny Lovebone: I dunna know?... Probably just taking a vacation with Steve.
Craig: With kids???
Johnny Lovebone: Hell ya!!!
Craig: Wow! That's cool.
Johnny Lovebine: Damn right. I don't give a FUCK!!!
Craig: He is SOOOOOO gay.
Johnny Lovebone: Duh? Did you see his socks?
Craig: I sure did. What a homo. Looks like the vanilla isis will be utilising his mouth as a Guantanamo purse.
Johnny Lovebone: Ho Eazaaaay!!!
by Juan nutt April 14, 2015
A person who cannot make up their mind on which herb to purchase at a medicinal cannabis facility.
Dick- " Uhhhhhhhh.......... Is this OG Kush good? No. Wait. Should I get the Purps? No. Hold on. How about the train wreck? Should I just get that. Or maybe I should just split 5 bucks total."
Dock- " You're backing up the line you bud slug."
by Juan Nutt March 07, 2011
the silversword is a succulent plant that grows only on the Hawaiian island of Maui above 7500 foot elevation on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Haleakala.
Cory: man... this hike up to the top of this volcano is epic!
Craig: Fo reals, brah.
Cory: I'm so fucked up off that free pineapple wine we got upcountry and we smoked a half ounce blunt after sucking down some sizzurp.
Craig: man... you are higher than a silversword.
Cory: yep yep.
by Juan nutt July 25, 2014
Slang for a male testicles.
Nash- " Why you limpin'n dawg?"

Craig-" Well, I only called my wife a bitch and she straight kicked me in the yam yams."
Nash-" Damn, what a bitch."
by Juan Nutt March 01, 2011

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