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A homosexual who owns a house.
Maurice: " Have you seen Roger around the condo gymnasium lately?"
Chad: " No. That queen bought a house in San Francisco and is now a total homoner."
by Juan Nutt March 01, 2011
A way of tricking people into looking at the clock thinking it is time to smoke marijuana.
Dude, I was so ready to smoke the sweet doja when Carl fake 420ed me at noon.
by Juan Nutt February 19, 2011
Another word used to describe semen.
Craig: Hey Bob, how's your chowder bullets?
Bob: My what???
Craig: Your chowder bullets.
Bob: What are chowder bullets?
Craig: I don't know but they're all over your back.
by Juan Nutt March 15, 2011
Any American born jackass that decides to defect to the Middle East to get his jihad on.
Craig: Hey Johnny. Why is Tone going to Syria?
Johnny Lovebone: I dunna know?... Probably just taking a vacation with Steve.
Craig: With kids???
Johnny Lovebone: Hell ya!!!
Craig: Wow! That's cool.
Johnny Lovebine: Damn right. I don't give a FUCK!!!
Craig: He is SOOOOOO gay.
Johnny Lovebone: Duh? Did you see his socks?
Craig: I sure did. What a homo. Looks like the vanilla isis will be utilising his mouth as a Guantanamo purse.
Johnny Lovebone: Ho Eazaaaay!!!
by Juan nutt April 14, 2015
Male that deliberately seeks out the ugliest woman at a bar for sex.
Craig-" Damn... Joe sure got drunk tonight. I saw him leave the bar tonight with with a heinous lookin' bitch.
Mark-" What a horse slapper!"
Craig-" Whooooooooaaaaahhh Nelly!!!!!
by Juan Nutt March 02, 2011
A blow job
El Toro- " She sure has a pretty mouth!"
Ray- " Yeah...she might not have starred in "Deliverance", but she knows how to work the land snorkel."
by Juan Nutt March 07, 2011
A person who cannot make up their mind on which herb to purchase at a medicinal cannabis facility.
Dick- " Uhhhhhhhh.......... Is this OG Kush good? No. Wait. Should I get the Purps? No. Hold on. How about the train wreck? Should I just get that. Or maybe I should just split 5 bucks total."
Dock- " You're backing up the line you bud slug."
by Juan Nutt March 07, 2011

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