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A completely understandable childlike fear of mimes in general, and the mime group Mummenschanz in particular. This can be brought on by, for example, their (admittedly entertaining to many people) freaky appearance on The Muppet Show.
"The start of the Mummenschanzphobia when the Mummenschanz episode comes to TV. The clay mask act frightens me like crazy and I ask my parents to erase the episode."
-- Jog Jalink
by Juan Motaim November 11, 2004
1. Extreme busyness
2. Hustle and bustle
3. An iron bucket for hoisting coal or ore, held by Matt Drudge
1. I have too much Hudge-N-Drudge this weekend.
2. I have to get out of the bigcity Hudge-N-Drudge.
3. Look down in the mine! Looks like another busy day for Hudge-N-Drudge.
by Juan Motaim February 10, 2004
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