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A slang term used for police officers.
see also pig,50
the term "coppers" can be traced back tot he early 19th century in new york city when the first police force consisting of an 8 men unarmed patrol unit wore on their shirt an 8 point copper badge to distinguish themselves as officers of the law. as a result the general public started calling them coppers
goddamn yo, yesterday i got pulled over by the copper for driving without my headlights turned on
by Juan Gil August 04, 2005
n. a drug; smokable pubic hair

one itme Juan form south miami and his friend were really really hi on mariuajana. having smoked really trippy stuff juan decides that it would be a good idea to shave his own pubic hair and smoke it. Juan's friend who had also smoked the trippy stuff thought is was a good idea to encourage juan by saying he didnt have the balls to do it... well Juan did it a few months later he shared this story with his friends omid and kamaran from coral gables. they imideatly dubbed my use of pubic hair as a drug as "pubeion" hence the drug known as pubeion
yo juan be smoking that pubeion.
hey juan you really smoke that pubeion? yeah man. yo thats gross.
by Juan Gil April 27, 2005
same thing as pubeion
yo look up pubeion for further explanation
by Juan Gil April 27, 2005
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