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7 definitions by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe

A sexually explicit animated icon used in chat conversations.
Pat really got me in trouble with my boss when he unleashed his new bukake eroticons in our MSN chat while I was doing a presentation to a group of investors.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe June 17, 2008
A man who impregnates any woman he dates, preferably just before he dumps her.
K-Fed is the Dalai Lama of Serial Impregnators.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe July 14, 2006
The complete and total pleasuring of a woman by any means necessary.
Roberto gave that Busty Blonde Waitress from Pub Italia the Hamhandling of a lifetime.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe July 19, 2006
The sexual act of giving three quick pumps from behind followed by a splash of man juice on the back. Falling asleep promptly and soundly afterwards is also a must.
I had a crymax the other night after my man gave me The Pino.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe June 07, 2006
The art of drinking lots of beer on a patio, preferably downtown in some city, while still maintaining enough sobriety to people-watch with the best of 'em.
I got totally loaded at the Patiolympics of August 18th with my good friends Stevo, Oubi and Krewl Gewl.

We totally took home the Gold that night!!!
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe July 17, 2006
A disturbingly good looking member of the undead.
"As much as it would probably hurt, that zombabe could eat my brain any day of the week!" John said as the zombie, a former playboy playmate, shuffled hungrily towards him.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe September 05, 2008
A pair of breasts that are so spectacular, they reduce all men to blubbering masses of jelly.
I cry everytime I see Scarlett's emotioncans.
by Juan "The Garrioch" Hefe June 27, 2006