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adjective. To be awsmart is to be awsome and smart at the same time. Or it could mean smart in an awsome kind of way.
B.R.O.W.N. is so very awsmart
by JuBr October 14, 2006
noun. An s.meter, pronounced "s-meter", is a machine that can actually detect the s.m.i.t.h. (see s.m.i.t.h.) in an individual s.m.i.t.h. kind of person. It also mesures the s.m.i.t.h.i.s.m. (see s.m.i.t.h.i.s.m.) in people too.
Man, this guy better go on the s.meter before getting near my friends!
by JuBr October 09, 2006
noun. A band made of Julien and Evan Falcone. not really popular or any good, yet somehow, they might pull it off. Abtrakt, pronouced "abstract" is usually found on web sites like purevolume, they are known for making ground breaking sounds like so confusing and the least popular Everything.
Dude! Why are you listenign to abstrakt!
by JuBr October 09, 2006
adjective. Some who likes to agravate the people who are b.r.o.w.n. (see b.r.o.w.n.) The s.m.i.t.h. are usually people who try to mask their homosexuality by trying to spot any fault in the b.r.o.w.n. to get rid of any attention as to not reveal their differance. The s.m.i.t.h. usually go shopping every three to four days for miscellanious things, often at spencers gifts. S.m.i.t.h. people often get their s.m.i.t.h.n.e.s.s. by a family member, usually the father since only men can be s.m.i.t.h.
You shouldn't hang around that guy, I think he is s.m.i.t.h.!
by JuBr October 09, 2006
noun. Dirived from the adjective s.m.i.t.h. (see s.m.i.t.h.) Pronounced "smithness". The smithness of someone can be mesure by a s.meter (see s.meter)
The s.m.i.t.h.n.e.s.s. of this guy is crazy!
by JuBr October 09, 2006

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