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Playing a saxophone in a way which every note is fluttered, therefore emulating the sound of a buzzing bee. This is the perfect way to annoy the band conductor.
*le wild bumblebee sax is heard*
Conductor: Saxophone, stop that fluttering!
Sax player: it wasnt a saxophone it was a bumblebee!
Conductor: *facestand*
by Jteve Sobs January 10, 2014
A marketing term used by Apple Inc. to sell Windows PCs put into different casings and loaded with a proprietary OS known as Mac OS X that can't do anything besides allow the user to watch porn without getting viruses. And of course, sold at a higher price.
Bob: Just got the new Mac Pro!
Mohinder: Bitch please, I built the same thing with the exact same specs and it didn't cost me $60,000!
Bob: But this doesn't get viruses unlike your Windows machine so I can watch porn safely!
by Jteve Sobs November 26, 2013

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