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2 definitions by Jtang

A poker slut is an individual that feels the need to bet excessively while playing Texas Hold 'Em or any poker game. This person will "go all the way" whenever possible, betting his/her entire stack.
Michael: Come on John, stop going all in! The game is no fun when you're being a Poker Slut.

John: But Michael, I have an unquenchable thirst for risk.

Lady Gaga: Muh Muh Muh Mah
by Jtang July 25, 2009
19 4
S tuff
W e
A ll
G et

Products put out by companies to advertise shit.
michal: "why do you have so many World of Warcraft tshirts, you dumbass? you are never getting laid."

tony: "...but this stuff is my swag."
by jtang January 20, 2008
27 40